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Drawing will be held on May 22nd!!!

Stop by Gulf Coast Marine to purchase a raffle ticket to win the SEA boat. A 2014 20' Shallow Stalker Cat with a 150 hp Evinrude on a Coastal trailer equipped with a Power Pole. $10 a ticket or $50 for 6 tickets.

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Jeff and Nathan Henson with their new 2014 Sea Hunt BX22BR.
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Shawn March with his new 2014 Blue Wave 1900 STL.
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Steven and Sheryl Sewalt picking up there Bluewave

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Luis and Michelle Rodarte picking up new 18' 

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Dustin & Leslie Mills with son Stratton picking up their 2014 Sea Hunt 30' Game Fish w/Twin 300hp Yamaha. Click HERE to view our Sea Hunt inventory.
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Another happy customer picking up their new boat. This is Annalisa and Jason and they decided on the 2014 Blue Wave 1900 STL. We just got even more 2014 Blue Waves in. Also, we got in some different colors. Usually, we only have the traditional blue, black, and whites but this time we got a red and a yellow boat. They are absolutely eye catching. While you're visiting our site, check out our Blue Wave inventory. 
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Its that season again. Do you know how to prepare your boat for a hurricane? Here is an informative article on how to increase your boat's survival chances in the event of a hurricane.  

Join CCA to help protect, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of the coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public. Visit JoinCCA to see how you can help and to view the achievements that have already been made.


You all remember our Power Pole Contest? The winner came by this morning to pick up his prize an take a look around our showroom.

.  photo 5a0baf70-4e3d-4000-ad62-5435b233076e_zps064c553f.jpg

Pictured above is the President of Gulf Coast Marine, Billy Holmes Jr., presenting Clint Reed with his new Power Pole.


Congratulations to Clint Reed!

Clint Reed was the winner of our latest contest to win a Power Pole. We will be doing more contests in the future so continue to stop by our website and see what Gulf Coast Marine is doing. Also, don't forget to stop in our store and check out our latest inventory. We sell new and used boats and we are constantly updating with more and more boats.


Joshua Parks bought a new Seadoo from Gulf Coast Marine earlier this month and the first time he takes out to the water he snagged this huge Sailfish!
 photo 15861304-45d5-4bc2-9bc7-1956036206f1_zps8e24e542.jpg
Online you will notice that on all the fishing blogs quite a few people realize that you can go fishing on a Sea-doo. They are great for fishing and pure family fun. Sea-doos reach high speeds, and are nearly 12í long. Sea-doos are especially nice because of iBR (intelligent Brake and Reverse system), which gives them the ability to idle in place without much movement from the jets. Fishing on jetskis is increasing in popularity, so if you donít need all the space of a 20í boat, donít have a place to park something that big, or you just arenít ready for the commitment of a boat, donít forget about our Sea-doos.

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